Planning During Your Divorce

Proper planning throughout your divorce will help prepare you to identify and deal with the financial decisions you will undoubtedly face. The more involved you are in each phase of your divorce, the better able you will be to make the best financial decisions.


In the beginning, you will need to spend a great deal of time collecting important financial information that will be used during the negotiations. We will provide you with checklists and documents to assist you in gathering this material, and we’ll educate you on how it will be used during the divorce process.


During the divorce, we’ll provide you with forecasts of the long-term impact of any decision before you sign an agreement. This includes details of all tax liabilities, future cash flow needs, and retirement benefits. We’ll help you create a realistic monthly budget, taking into consideration expenses such as life insurance and health insurance, plus cost-of-living increases.


After your divorce, your main focus will be to get your financial life back on track. We will coach you on managing your expectations of your new standard of living (it most likely won’t be the same) and provide you with tools to help you make educated future financial decisions.